Stylish stemware for each and every beverage served!


A Stylish Kitchen offers a variety of stemware for a variety of beverages.  The size and type of glass actually makes a difference to how the beverage tastes.  While the size and shape may not affect a glass of orange juice as much as wine it can still influence it.  How the glass retains the cold temperature will affect how yummy that orange juice or cold glass of milk will taste.

Our beer glass collection offers a variety of sizes, shapes and styles for serving beer.  The shape and size you choose depends on the type of beer you like to drink.  For instance pint glasses are used for most traditional beers and pilsner glasses are used for lager beers.  A sturdier choice for lots of glass lifting and toasting is the beer mug because of its sturdy bottom. For beer connoisseurs, our real wood beer tasting set makes an excellent gift.

For setting a pretty, stylish table and for practical everyday use, our water goblet collection is great.  Choose a style to reflect your personality and décor style.  Whether your style is traditional or contemporary you’ll appreciate the quality of this glassware.

When it comes to wine glasses, the glass enhances the experience of the wine.  Wine is to be savored and enjoyed and your glassware choice will make a difference.  Experts recommend smaller wineglasses for white wine and larger ones for red wine, typically the more full-bodied the wine the larger the glass.  You want white wine glasses to be smaller because you don’t want the wine to warm up too much before you drink it.  Red wine glasses you want to be larger so you can fill it only about 1/3 of the way with wine to allow the wine to breathe which promotes a better flavor. 

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