There’s nothing more delightful than the scent of something baking in the oven!


At A Stylish Kitchen, we love to cook and we love to bake!  Whether it is a batch of cookies for the kids or whipping up some incredible cake for a special celebration we find pleasure in the process of baking and we’re sure you can relate.  Many people are intimidated by baking and yes there is a science to it if you’re baking from scratch but there are so many wonderful mixes on the market now that even if you can’t bake from scratch you can still turn out a delectable baked dish.  Having the correct baking supplies is an important component to successful baking

A key component to turning out wonderfully baked cakes is to be sure you have the correct size pan.  The recipe will indicate the size and this is important for anything baked in a loaf, cake or basically any single, whole shape.  Using a different sized baking pan than what is called for can alter the baking time.  Having the proper quantity of pans to bake the recipe is important as well.  For example if the recipe calls for 3 – 9” layer cake pans and you only have 2 – 8” pans this can be an issue.  Depending on what you’re baking, the recipe may call for a specialty cake or cookie pan.  For example, muffins and cupcakes are prepared in muffin pans.  Cheesecake is baked in a springform pan and a jelly roll cake uses a jelly roll pan

Of course when we talk of baking it is not always about cakes and cookies.  Casseroles and other dishes are often baked in the oven and bakeware is an important component to any well stocked, stylish kitchen.  Having a variety of sizes will give you the most flexibility in your baking.  Having baking supplies on hand and in easy reach is important for cooking.  Our prep bowls are the perfect solution by allowing you to have everything ready in advance. 

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