Yummy baked goods and delicious casseroles are the result of great bakeware!

Bakeware is a dish that is made from heat-resistant materials like glass, ceramic, metal and even silicone.  Each material has its own particular strengths and weaknesses.  How you cook and what you cook will impact the type of bakeware you need and if you’re like most cooks you’ll want a variety of all of it.

Glass bakeware is great for baking cakes because it takes longer to heat up than metal.  Glass bake sets will heat evenly for a longer amount of time.  Ceramic baking dishes are very durable and will also distribute heat evenly.  They usually have an enamel finish which makes them easy to clean up after messy casseroles.  Ceramic bakeware is safe for high temperatures.  Our metal bakeware is cast iron with an enamel finish.  These are fantastic because they can be taken from the oven to the table.  Enamel cast iron will distribute the heat evenly and retain it longer.  Using these to serve from means the meal stays hot longer.

When purchasing bakeware think about the types of food you prepare all the time and what type of pan will yield better outcomes for this.  Are you constantly preparing casseroles for your family?  Having a variety of casserole dishes on hand will make it easier.  Also double the recipe.  Line one casserole dish with foil, and prepare up to the point of baking.  Cover and pop it in the freezer.  Put the other in the oven.  Once the casserole has had time to freeze, pull it out and remove from the dish.  Place back in the freezer and now you have a home cooked meal ready for when you need it. 

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2-Piece Oval Baker Set (Orange)
1-Qt. Baker & 1.5-Qt. Baker. Shallow sides allow the tops of your dishes to crisp nicely. Nonpor..
Blueberry Large Ceramic Casserole
The dangling tiny blueberry design gives a classy taste to this casserole.  Ideal to serve your..
Corningware Etch 4pc Set Sand
2.5Qt Covered Casserole. 3Qt Oblong, 20oz Dish. Gently flared edges & easy-grip handles. High-gl..
Cranberry Large Ceramic Casserole
The pretty dangling cranberry design accentuates this casserole.  It is nice to serve your..
Delano Round Bakeware With Lid
White Round Bakeware With Lid, 12" Sold in Set of 2. DELANO : This clean and classic oven..
Dogwood Large Ceramic Casserole
This large classy casserole is lead and cadmium free, perfect in serving your ideal baked past..
Dragonfly Large Ceramic Casserole
The unique dragonfly design gives a breezy look on this large casserole.  Perfect to serve your..
French White 12-Pc Gift Set
1.5Qt & 2.5Qt round, glass and plastic lids; 16oz round. Use in oven, microwave, refrigerator, a..
Iris Large Ceramic Casserole
The entising iris design for a ceramic large casserole is perfect to serve your friends and fam..
Lavender Large Ceramic Casserole
The beautiful swaying lavander design gives an impeccable look to this large casserole.  It is ..
Pinecone Large Ceramic Casserole
The pinecone large ceramic casserole brings out the outdoor ambiance.  It is ideal for bak..
Portables 9-Pc Double Decker Set
3Qt (9x13") Easy Grab oblong; large unipack, red cover. (2) 6-Cup rectangular storage dishes, r..
Red Poppy Large Ceramic Casserole
The red poppy design on this large casserole gives a classy look.  Perfect to serve your ideal ..
Sienna Oval Bakeware With Lid
Red Oval Bakeware With Lid, 10"X8", 1.75 qt. Set of 4. SIENNA : Bakeware in a bold r..
Sienna Rectangular Bakeware With Lid
Red Rectangular Bakeware With Lid, 9"X7"2 qt. Sold in Set of 4.  SIENNA : Bakew..
Tuscan Olive Large Ceramic Casserole
This elegant looking large casserole will surely be cherished by everyone. 1 1/2 quart ..
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