Dinnerware is crucial for setting a stylish table!

Whether you’re just starting out and need dinnerware, you’re tired of the same old pattern you already have or you’ve just moved and find you need to restock and replace, A Stylish Kitchen is here to help!  From the charger plate to the salad plate, we have the style, pattern and color you want.

Charger plates aren’t just for formal occasions!  Why what’s more important than making your family feel special while dining at the dinner table?  Charger plates are typically larger than a regular dinner plate and serve as a decorative foundation.  Since food is not typically served on the charger plate they can be made from many different types of materials – metal to glass.  They’re often in beautiful colors and particularly when paired with a plain white dinner plate can add a sense of drama and style to your tabletop.

Dinner plates are the mainstay for any meal.  These days you’re not just limited to round white dinner plates but have a multitude of choices in color, pattern and shape.  If you’re restocking your dinnerware supply you may want to consider adding a different shape or color so you can mix and match.  If you’re starting out from scratch our dinnerware sets may be a better option for you.  The sets include all the basic pieces and are a more economical way to purchase all your dinnerware.  In considering which style to choose think about whether you want casual or more formal.  Do you want white so you can have more options with decorative charger plates.  You can create beautiful tabletops with a stunning charger plate in a bright color or pattern, a white dinner plate and then use a salad plate in a color or pattern that complements the charger plate.  

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