A stylish kitchen means stylish accessories like this pottery collection!


A Stylish Kitchen offers everything you need to make your kitchen stylish.  Every detail completes the package and no kitchen would be complete without pretty pottery to grace its countertops.  Our pottery collection offers canister sets, coffee canisters and cookie jars that are not only functional but pretty as well.

Flour, sugar, tea, powdered sugar, brown sugar, cornmeal, the options are endless when it comes to what to store in our canister setsCanisters offer quick and easy access.  Always easily accessible and right where you need them sitting on your countertop means you can concentrate on the recipe and not having to find the ingredients in a cupboard or pantry.  You can purchase multiple canister sets and store lesser used items in the canisters to keep them fresh and organized in the pantry. 

Coffee canisters are perfect for storing coffee right next to the coffee pot.  Ease of access when you’re bleary eyed in the morning before that first cup is important.  A coffee canister will also keep your coffee fresh longer. 

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?  You’ll know when the cookie jar is sitting in the open on your counter.  Our adorable cookie jar collection offers cookie jars for everyday and special cookie jars for holidays.  This is a great way to add a little seasonal décor to your stylish kitchen! You can even personalize a cookie jar with your family initial and name and these make fabulous wedding gifts.

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